You only have one chance to make a first impression.  I believe that everyone has their own way of displaying beauty and I strive with each shot to capture that moment.  I'm a Photographer always on the hunt for that perfect shot, I will  always be a student of photography and continue to learn and expand my vision.



I love photography and being able capture beautiful images and working with great people.  One of my goals is to continue to explore light, both natural and created.  I would like to be able to express different moods and emotional impact based on light.  Another goal is to create images that are spontaneous, genuine and honest.



My inspiration is found through the camera lens, a whole new world emerges, captured in still life, those precious moments have driven me to continue to pursue a career in photography.  With every photo shoot, events and family outings, the moments frozen in time inspired me everyday and gives me great purpose and the desire to share beautiful images through my lens.

Dan Nakon...